Henke Holger

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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Mission Statement

As its core mission, the Office of Academic Affairs at Wenzhou-Kean University oversees the implementation of Kean University’s educational mission in the context of its cooperative venture in Wenzhou (China).

It provides leadership to build a vibrant and internationally recognized academic community that prepares students in an English-speaking environment of an American university in China to become independent and critical thinkers, creative learners and globally engaged citizens who are ready adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments and willing to serve as active and contributing members of their communities.

The Office of Academic Affairs works to ensure engaging and effective student learning as well as academic rigor in and beyond the classroom. Wenzhou-Kean University’s focus on teaching excellence includes the advancement of knowledge in the academic disciplines and the improvement of skills in professional areas guided by the latest research and use of the scientific method. In its quest for the assurance of quality teaching, the Office is therefore committed to hire and retain excellent and engaged faculty, provide ongoing faculty development opportunities, and foster a commitment to research, scholarship, creative work, and other forms of intellectual activities, as well as to the innovative uses and application of technology.

Finally, the Office will use systematic and continuous assessment of all aspects of the core teaching and scholarly activities at Wenzhou-Kean University, as well as of the various administrative and academic support areas, in order to implement an evidence-based and ongoing assessment-improvement cycle ensuring the seamless development of Kean University’s academic experience.

Welcome Statement

As Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Wenzhou-Kean University it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Kean University’s immersive academic experience on Chinese soil.

To visitors of our website, please take a few moments to explore the academic and student life offerings at our campus as they are featured on a variety of web-pages. Come see our world-class facilities, and learn why and how our educational experience is different!

To our students (from China, the United States and elsewhere in the world), as you prepare to adapt to an American-style education in China which promotes and exercises the benefits of the scientific method and an integrated China-US pedagogy, and to enjoy the competitive advantage of an English-language learning environment, I encourage you to absorb with an open mind as much new knowledge as you can from our excellent faculty who come to Wenzhou trained at the some of best universities in the world and with extensive international experience and perspectives. As a new model for the China-US cooperation in higher education Wenzhou-Kean University aims to be a facilitator for the international exchange of education and culture.

By attending Wenzhou-Kean University, perfecting your English-language skills and benefitting from modern pedagogy on a daily basis, embedded in the context of China’s rich historical experiences and cultural traditions, will completely set you apart from graduates of other universities in China and around the world.
In order for you to maximize your benefits from this educational offer, I implore you to endorse the cutting-edge pedagogy rooted in scientific findings and scholarship that will help you become life-long and independent learners who will be able to critically and constructively engage with the challenges and opportunities of our uncertain times and fast changing international environments. Only to the extent that you open yourself to and embrace the unique educational experience as we offer it at Wenzhou-Kean University, will you be able to become the truly creative and visionary entrepreneur or the independent employee that most international companies are searching for, and to habituate the skills that will help you succeed in an international economy whose dynamic thrives on sustainable knowledge- and technology-driven economic ventures.

At Wenzhou-Kean University we aim to provide you with an education that will last you a lifetime and be applicable universally. As a Chinese proverb puts it: “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”

Knowing that your success is our success as a pioneering institution, I look forward to seeing you at your graduation, to hear from you as you let us know about your subsequent accomplishments, and to welcome you back to Wenzhou-Kean University as a lifelong contributing alumni of your alma mater.

With best wishes,
Holger Henke, Ph.D.
Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs