The College of Humanities and Social Sciences believes the primary purpose of education is to enable one to impart knowledge, to give more to life. Programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences help to develop students’ thought processes and intellectual capabilities.

Liberal arts students are inquisitive and insightful, and share a rich cultural understanding of the world in which they live. Students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences may choose academic concentrations within the fields of Communication, English, History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. Graduates of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences emerge from Wenzhou Kean University as the well-rounded, intellectually strong job candidates needed in today’s job market.
The majors available in the College promote three elements essential for success in the job market: creativity, critical thinking and communication. In a world where people change careers an average of five times or more, the adaptability furnished by a liberal arts education is invaluable.


English Majors

Is a joint program offered by the College of Education, Kean USA in concert with the School of English, Kean USA;

Aims to provide you with an intensive English experience and teaching practice to become an ESL instructor in the international arena;

Offers courses in areas of English structure, linguistics, rhetorics, literature research, and a serial of writing types in various cultural settings, which lead you to fully study and acquire English; and

Offers courses in areas of curriculum planning, lesson planning, pedagogies, and teaching practices in bilingual/multicultural settings, which prepare you to become competent English teachers for non-English speakers. On the senior year, you will earn opportunities for field experiences, teaching in bilingual/multicultural settings.

English-Strengthening Opportunities

To add up to the curriculum, various English-use opportunities are provided for you to improve your English off-class. Sigma Tau Delta and Western Civilization Club lead you to absorb English knowledge, while WKU Toastmasters Club, Debate Society and Literature Translation Society give you a platform to practice your English skills. In addition, you are encouraged to participate in any English-related competitions on campus, nationally, and internationally.

Career Prospect

Graduates from this program can pursue teaching career in school, community and corporate international settings to non-English speakers locally and abroad. The program also gives them vantage to further study master programs in TESOL/TESL, education research, and other education-related areas.

Core Courses

Structure and Origin of English

Writing Process

Cultural Rhetorics

Research in Language and Literature

Senior Writing Seminar

Curriculum Evaluation and the Learner

Theory and Practice of Teaching English as a Second Language I & II

Teaching Techniques for Bilingual-Bicultural Schools

Field Experiences in Bilingual/Multicultural Settings (School & Community Sites)

Field Experiences in Bilingual/Multicultural Settings (Corporate Sites)

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