“The university has been equipped with a good foundation. I hope it will get better and better.” As the 2017 Wenzhou-Kean University Commencement Ceremony is approaching, on the morning of May 31st, President of Kean University Dr. Farahi, who was in Beijing at that time, received a letter from the Secretary of Secretariat of the Central Committee and Deputy Secretary of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China Mr. ZHAO Hongzhu, who spoke highly of the university’s achievements and extended his sincere wishes.

Director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party Mr. OUYANG Baiqing, entrusted by Mr. ZHAO, delivered the letter and gifts to Dr. Farahi.

In the letter, Mr. ZHAO felt sorry that he could not meet Dr. Farahi in person due to his schedule. But he mentioned that it is an unforgettable experience for him to have witnessed the Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Wenzhou-Kean University with Dr. Farahi in Zhejiang in 2012. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the Chinese and American sides, particularly in good care of President XI Jinping, Wenzhou-Kean University was established and has achieved fruitful accomplishments. It has become an excellent model of China-US education cooperation.

Mr. OUYANG also conveyed Mr. ZHAO’s words concerning Wenzhou-Kean University’s future development: “Wenzhou-Kean University was a fundamental task to fulfill with Kean University when President XI was in Zhejiang. Through the collective and enduring efforts of both sides, we have finally made it. President XI and Mr. ZHAO are highly concerned about the university’s development. Since the opening-up of China, China opens its gate and has established considerable cooperation with, in particular, the Western world including the US. However, few of them succeed in education cooperation. Wenzhou-Kean University is an extraordinary demonstration of the success achieved by China-US education cooperation, we will take good care of it and enable it to go further and develop better.”